Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives of those affected by spinal cord injuries and related conditions, by offering support and education to individuals and their families, health service providers and the general community. Our objective is to enable affected people with spinal cord injury and families to achieve their full level of independence and potential by providing resources, services and peer support. Our organisation focuses on the overall independence and wellbeing of individuals, providing skills to enhance their problem-solving abilities and enable them to make a successful adjustment to live with an acquired disability.

Objectives and Goals

The main objective of Spinal Talk Inc. is to provide emotional, psychological and social support through:

  • providing an environment where people with spinal cord injury (SCI), other spinal injury or disease can learn from each other;
  • regular group programs and social activities;
  • provision of one-on-one peer support to newly injured people with their families
  • provision of information on resources and support for living with a disability;
  • provision of education and developing publications to meet the needs of people with SCI and associated spinal injury or disease;
  • assisting people with practical skills, encouraging independent living and enhancing quality of life.

Spinal Talk is dedicated to addressing the direct needs of people affected by spinal cord injuries and related diseases, by providing emotional, psychological, informational and practical support and resources to ease the financial and psychosocial burdens and increasing social integration with dignity.

Peer Support Programs

Our comprehensive peer support program will be composed of 4 main components: A face-to-face group support, a one-on-one peer support, a telephone support, and an electronic support program.

Spinal Talk Motto

 “Living Without Limitations” We aspire to minimising the disability and maximising the quality of life of people affected by spinal cord injuries and related conditions. Individuals with spinal cord injuries are people first, with the same needs and desire as other people.

Spinal Talk Core Values

Caring: embracing concern, promoting assurance
Integrity: demonstrating honesty, developing trust
Dignity: preserving respect, safeguarding esteem
Empowerment: restoring confidence, inspiring hope