Welcome to the Spinal Talk website

Each year, over 400 Australians sustain spinal cord injuries that are severe enough to limit their ability to function in their homes, jobs and leisure activities. For most of these individuals, the disability is permanent, causing limitations to their mobility, sensation and functional abilities. Despite the seriousness of these catastrophic injuries, many individuals with spinal cord injuries and related conditions will go on to live happy and productive lives with the right support, care and services.

Supporting People Affected by Spinal Cord Injuries

People affected by spinal cord injuries are many more than those who have a spinal cord injury. Family, friends and business acquaintances are also affected. Spinal Talk is for anyone (and everyone) who comes into contact with a person with a spinal cord injury.

Spinal Talk has been developed on the following premises:

  1. That many people affected by spinal cord injuries and related conditions have unique experiences and expertise in realising their own independent living goals
  2. That their experience and expertise could assist other people with similar predicament to overcome the barriers to their full integration into community life
  3. Spinal Talk provides a confidential and supportive environment in which sharing experiences, thoughts, concerns fears and hope, is encouraged