Conditions of Membership

By applying for membership of the Association the applicant agrees to be bound by the following conditions of membership: Information provided by and to you as a member of the Association is done so on the following conditions:

  • Information to be supplied to members should only be that which is permitted to be released to the general public.
  • Utilisation of any materials or information received through the Association is only to be done with the express permission of the providing member.
  • The Association takes no responsibility for what information is shared by members and how it is used. The association only provides a forum for the sharing of information. It is the Members responsibility for what information they share.
  • Intellectual Property of the Association may be used by members without incremental cost. Members are expected to give credit to the Association when using Intellectual Property through verbal and/or written acknowledgment.
  • Documents created during, as a result of, or expressly for the Association (eg minutes of meetings, documentation of discussions [excluding personal notes taken by individual attendees], collections of comparative data) remain the property of the Association.
  • Any Intellectual Property created by members or their representatives that is not expressly created for the use of the Association or its members remains the property of that member. Members are advised to indicate when information they are sharing is not the property of the Association.

Members Details

Personal details of member representatives or individual members or information gained from organisation visits is not to be disclosed to non members unless this information is otherwise available to the general public.

Hosting of Association meetings

It is the expectation of the Association Meetings will be hosted by Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney and Paraquad NSW.